To Pastors

Following the April 3, 2018 storm, more than 400 Tornado buckets were distributed in April. Remember, Tornado buckets are for the damaged homes and should be delivered within the first 18 hours. Cleaning buckets are for the place your families will be staying while their home is being renovated and should be delivered within the first 24 hours. Each family member should receive an UMCOR health kit.

People cannot always come to a church. Power lines are down, roads closed and the Good Samaritan (Church) has to go to them. Methodist churches go where Jesus’ feet would take Him.
Remember when a storm comes to your community, and people have to leave their homes:
You should provide one Health kit for EACH family member.
You should deliver one tornado bucket to each home damaged in a tornado.
You should deliver one cleaning bucket for their new living space.
People and churches who fail to plan, plan to fail! Today, we are the hands and feet of Jesus!