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We are in need of the following items:

Tornado Bucket_Nov_2019

School Kit Assembly Instructions_Dec_2019

Hygiene Kit Assembly Instructions_Dec_2019

Cleaning Kit Assembly Instructions Dec 2019

Birthing Kits

Supplies for all the above kits.

We are very low on Tarps. We need small tarps, not 100′ tarps. We need a large quantity of 8′ X 10′ tarps up to 30′ X 30′ tarps.

Leather Palm gloves (NOT cloth) but cloth on the back of the hands.

2 or 3 gallon Garden Sprayers to fight mil-dew and mold following a flood.

20 inch box fans

Extension cords – 3-prong, heavy duty

Insect Repellent spray, 6-14 oz. PUMP SPRAY

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