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We are in need of the following items:

Health Kits Contents May 2018

Birthing Kits

School Kits May 2018

Tornado Buckets

Cleaning Bucket for Warehouse 2018

Supplies for all the above kits.

We are very low on Tarps. We need small tarps, not 100′ tarps. We need a large quantity of 8′ X 10′ tarps up to 30′ X 30′ tarps.

Leather Palm gloves (NOT cloth) but cloth on the back of the hands.

2 or 3 gallon Garden Sprayers to fight mil-dew and mold following a flood.

20 inch box fans

Extension cords – 3-prong, heavy duty

Insect Repellent spray, 6-14 oz. PUMP SPRAY

Give us a call at 256-341-9961

Tornado Bucket

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