Most Needed Items

We are in need of the following items:

A  used walk behind floor scrubber-All warehouses fight dust and dirt.

Health Kits

Birthing Kits

School Kits

Sewing Kits

Layette Kits

        CLEANING BUCKETS:  In the last three months, we have distributed more than 3,500 cleaning buckets.  We have the buckets, lids and, insect repellent..

We are very low on Tarps.  We need small tarps, not 100' tarps.  We need a large quantiy of 8' X 10'  tarps up to 30' X 30' tarps.

Does anyone know where there might be a used walk behind floor scrubber?  All warehouses have a dust problem and we are no exception.

Fingernail (NOT toe nail) Clips or Nail files (NOT emery boards)

Leather Palm gloves (NOT cloth) but cloth on the back of the hands.

2-3 gallon Garden Sprayers to fight mil-dew and mold following a flood.


Give us a call at   256-341-9961